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Data Recovery

We use some of the most sophisticated software available to recover ‘lost’ or deleted data from hard drives, floppy disks and memory cards.

Provided the drive will “spin” (ie - can be read), we can recover your data, even if the drive has had multiple formats carried out, or even had new data written to the drive - for example, a re-format and ‘clean’ installation of Windows operating system will NOT remove your previous data - it can still be recovered.

Whilst the process can be quite expensive, due to the time involved, it can still be a very worthwhile excersise when valuable data needs to be recovered.

We can also offer a “secure” file deletion service which will remove every trace of data from your drives, and make it impossible for file recovery software to retreive the data - for example, if you are disposing of an old PC and want to ensure all your personal data has been deleted.

Please use our Contact Us page to enquire about this service, or to seek advice on a particular requirement.